Ibrahim Müteferrika Paper Museum

The Ibrahim Müteferrika Paper Museum was established in 2013 in Yalova, a city on the shores of the Sea of Marmara. The museum is located in the Raif Dinçkök Cultural Center in the city center. The institution has two sections: the gallery on the first floor and the papermaking atelier in the basement, which hosts handcraft workshops.

The gallery invites the visitors to the first Ottoman printing house founded by the Cluj-born Ibrahim Müteferrika (his original Hungarian name is unknown) in Istanbul in 1727 and the paper factory found in the village of Elmalik (close to Yalova) in order to fulfill the needs of the printing house. The 100 m² space offers interactive ways for children and adults to discover the alternative ways in the time paper had not been invented yet, the history and spread of producing paper, and it also exhibits original prints from Ibrahim Müteferrika. The exhibition also includes a digital copy of all the prints made by Ibrahim Müteferrika, which makes it very useful for scholars working on the texts. After going through the exhibition, guests are invited to try making their own organic paper.

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