Haydarpaşa English Cemetery – the Tomb

of Richárd Guyon

The Haydarpaşa Cemetery (Haydarpaşa Mezarlğı), a military cemetery owned by the British, was founded during the Crimean War (1853-56), and is currently managed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. It should not be mistaken with a neighbouring Turkish cemetery called Karacaahmet Cemetery. The middle of the Haydarpaşa Cemetery features the memorial for the Crimean War, and close to that, the tomb of Richárd Guyon (1813-1856), who fought in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848-49. Guyon served the Ottoman Army from 1849 until his death. In 1854-56, he was the chief general staff of the Caucasus Turkish Forces. The general died due to an illness on 12th October 1856, contemporary sources assuming poisoning. His tomb was renovated by Hungary in 1956 and again in 1998. The Association for Hungarian-Turkish Friendship and the Hungary Academy for Sciences placed a Zsolnay pyrogranite Kossuth coat of arms on the tomb in 2001. The bust of Richárd Guyon is in the Museum of Military History.