The Statue of Ibrahim Müteferrika in Tekirdağ

Hungarian-born Turkish printer and thinker Ibarhim Müteferrika (1674-1745) was in continuing connection with the Hungarian immigrants of Tekirdağ who were there since 1721. He used to work as a legate and interpreter and thus he was an important mediator between Franciscus II Rákóczi and Sultans Ahmed III and Mahmud I. The statue of Ibrahim Mütefferika in the small square close to the Rákóczi Museum in Tekirdağ commemorates this. The two and a half meter high wooden statue is the present of the Szeklers and Unitarians in Transsylvania. It is made of Szekler oak by Csaba Köpe, Csíksomlyó-based sculptor. The statue was inaugurated on 24th August 2007. The inscription in Hungarian and Turkish writes as following: “I, modest and humble servant, Ibrahim Müteferrika, was born in the city of Kolozsvár, Hungary.”