The Statue of ’My Sweet Aunt’ and Kelemen Mikes on the Tekirdağ Seashore

Cont Mikes Kelemen (1690-1761) was the secretary and chamberlain of Franciscus II Rákóczi, who wrote a book of literary letters about his life in Turkey to a fictional aunt in Istanbul. The composition of the three-figure wooden statue is commemorating the writer and the fictional muse at the same time. The statue is the work of sculptor Béla Mónusz, and was inaugurated on 14th September 2000. The artist was requested by the Rodostó Foundation to make the piece, as he created a similar sculpture earlier in Zágon, the birthplace of Kelemen Mikes. The composition is the central art piece of the Peace and Freedom Park (Barış ve Özgürlük Parkı), playing a strong part in the message it aims to convey. Kelemen Mikes also has a memorial plaque at the place where his house used to stand, as well as a memorial gate in front of the Rákóczi Museum built in 2005 and a memorial by the shore. One of the newer neighbourhoods include a memorial park named after the great writer. Kelemen Mikes passed away in Tekirdağ, but his tomb remains unidentified.