The Rákóczi Museum

in Tekirdağ

The building of the Rákóczi Museum (Rakoczi Müzesi) was originally the reception building of Franciscus II Rákóczi. The cultural government of Hungary renounced its rights to the building in 1906, when the remains of Rákóczi and his company were brought home. They also removed the interior ornaments and transported them to Kosice, and included them in the Tekirdağ building created in the 1940s. The building was saved by ambassador László Tahy, who bought the building for the Hungarian government in 1927. It is under Hungarian governance since then, and currently managed by the Consulate General of Hungary in Istanbul. The state of Hungary renovated the ruinous building according to the plans of István Möller, and it was inaugurated in the fall of 1933 by Prime Minister Gyula Gömbös during his official visit to Turkey. The first exhibition of the Hungarian National Museum was opened in 1968, which was renewed twice since then. Thanks to the efforts of Honorary Consule Erdoğan Erken and president of the Turkish-Hungarian Friendship Association of Tekirdağ İzzet Güneş Gürseler, the museum continues to be part of the memories of the Turkish city. The carved Seclar Gate was inaugurated in 2005.

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