The Lajos Kossuth Memorial Museum in Kütahya

Lajos Kossuth (1802-1894), one of the most significant personalities in 19th century history of Hungary, was in political exile in the Ottoman Empire between 1849-1851. Kossuth and his companions were given accomdation in the Anatolian city Kütahya from the early spring of 1850 until early fall of 1851. Most of the people stayed in the military bases, but Kossuth stayed in an urban wooden house (konak), which serves as a museum since 1982 (Börekçiler Mahallesi, Macar Sokak). The exhibition of the Hungarian National Museum presents the life of the famous Hungarian politician. The garden of the museum features a statue of Lajos Kossuth, including the Zsolnay pyrogranite Kossuth coat of arms placed by the Hungarian-Turkish Friendship Association and the Hungarian Academy of Science on the 150th anniversary of the reception of the Kossuth-immigrants.

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