The Hungarian Houses of Muğla, Milas and Aydın and the TÜMACAM

The Greek-Turkish population exchange followed the announcement of the Republic of Turkey, which caused a large deficit of experts in certain fields, which were tried to be solved with guest workers. After the Trianon treaty, because of the isolation and unemployment rate of Hungary, thousands of Hungarian workers tried to find work in Turkey, many of them being masons, who participated in the construction projects in Muğla, Milas and Aydın in the ’20-30s. Most of the craftsmen working on the buildings (still called Hungarian houses by locals) were masons, carpenters and joiners. The buildings include the Governor’s Palace of Muğla and the İstikamet Cinema in Milas. In addition, under Prof. Dr. Melek Çolak’s leadership a Turkish-Hungarian Academic and Scientific Cooperation and Research Center (TÜMACAM) has been operating since 2013 at Sıtkı Koçman University in Muğla, where a Hungarian Information Point-Library has been operating as well since 2016.

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