The House of Hungarian Feyzullah Efendi (Joseph Kholman) at the shores of the Bosphor

The house of Macar Feyzullah Pasha, sometimes named castle/hunting castle (köşk) or coastal villa (yalı) was built in the Çengelköy neigbourhood of the district Üsküdar on the Asian side of Istanbul. The building is currently owned by Serdar Gülgün, a business man and art collector, who renovated it a couple of years ago. The builder of the house was a hero of the 1848-49 Hungarian Revolution and senior officer of the Ottoman army: Joseph Kolman (in Hungarian: Kollmann József, 1808-1889). He was a German from Bohemia, serving in the regiment of Ernő Kiss, later martyr of Arad, and joined rebel forces together with him in the summer of 1848. He was an important officer of the Hungarian army as a colonel. He was sentenced to death after the loss of the revolution, but he sought asylum to the Ottoman Empire and became a hero of its army. He served on the Caucasus Front in 1854-55 together with fellow Hungarians Richárd Guyon, György Kmety and others, defending the city of Kars. In 1877-78, during the Russo-Turkish War, he was the chief of staff of the Asian Forces of the Turks.

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