The Drawing of the House of Franciscus II Rákóczi in Tekirdağ by Imre Henszlmann

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences commissioned Imre Henszlmann (1813-1888), art historian, Ferenc Kubinyi (1836-1903), archeologist and Arnold Ipolyi (1823-1886), art and religion historian to search for Corvina codexes in Istanbul. They managed to visit Tekirdağ for one day. The drawing of the house of Franciscus II Rákóczi is the oldest depiction of the building. The construction of the building is well visible on it, although the bridge connecting the corner of the building and the chapel is already removed. The building used to be on the corner of Macar Sokağı and Pestemalcı Caddesi, and was removed in the ’60s. Currently there is a pharmacy on its place.