The Bronze Relief of Kelemen Mikes on the Memorial Park in Tekirdağ

Cont Kelemen Mikes (1690-1761) arrived in Tekirdağ together with Franciscus II Rákóczi. He accompanied the duke until his death, and afterwards still remained a very important personality of the Hungarian colony, being its representative (başbuğ) from 1757 until his death. The Rákóczi Museum includes a memorial room dedicated to him, although he lived in a house in Pestemalcı Street, which disappeared a decade ago. His bust in front of the Rákóczi Museum, which was inaugurated on 23rd October 1933, is the work of István Kissunyi. Kelemen Mikes is an honorary citizen of Tekirdağ, and the street behind the museum was named after him in 2011. Since the whereabouts of his tomb is unknown, the people of Tekirdağ created a memorial park for him with a symbolic tomb and the bronze relief made by Sándor Győrfi. The Karcag-based artist created the artwork by the commission of Tibor F. Tóth, president of the Turkish-Hungarian Friendship Association in 2012. Aladár Edvi Illés (1870-1958) spent time in Tekirdağ in 1906. He made a number of oil paintings and several drawings of the city and its Hungarian memories, one of them being the Well of Hungarians which still stands.