The Bercsényi House

in Tekirdağ

Cont Miklós Bercsényi (1665-1725) was the friend and most loyal comrade of Francis II Rákóczi. He is an important historical character as one of the leaders of the Hungarian independence war between 1703-11. He lived in Poland, Moldova and Wallachia between 1711-16. He played an important role in the fact that Francis II Rákóczi accepted the offer of Sultan Ahmed III to fight together against the Habsburgs, and arrived in Gallipoli in 10th October 1717. Bercsényi accompanied the duke from that moment until his death. He was also present when Ahmed III accepted Rákóczi in his Edirne Seraglio on 4th January 1718. They arrived together in Tekirdağ on 20th April 1720, with his wife Krisztina Csáky (1654-1723). Bercsényi had two houses in Tekirdağ. One of them, at 85-87 Pestemalcı Caddesi, still remains. Bercsényi and his wife both died in Tekirdağ. His tomb was in the later destroyed Panagia Reumatocratissa Greek Orthodox Church in Tekirdağ between 1725 and 1906, while his wife was buried at the Saint Benoit Monastery in Istanbul. Both of their remains were brought back to Hungary together with Rákóczi’s in 1906, and now lie in Saint Elizabeth Church in Kosice, one of the cities formerly belonging to Rákóczi.