Hungarian Traces in Izmir

Izmir (Smyrna), which had a huge Greek population until 1922 and currently is the third biggest city of Turkey, always had an important role in the Aegean commerce of the Ottoman Empire. A plaque put in 2018 at the terminal of the Üçkaya port commemorates the fact that Lajos Kossuth left the Empire from Izmir on his was to England, after embarking from the Gallipoli Peninsula on the USS Mississippi. The governor was welcomed with great enthusiasm and interest. The era of the Republic also sought Hungarians in Izmir and its surroundings: Hungarian masons built the pedestal of the iconic statue of Atatürk, and Hungarian experts participated in the railway, draining and other water management projects of the area. Imre Dologhi was one of them, playing a major role in the building of the pumping facilities of the city. The descendents of the Dologh family are important citizens of the city up until now, and Christopher Dologh is the honorary consul of Hungary in Izmir.

Tibor Kacskovics (known Bilal Timur Bilgiç as Turkish citizen) Hungarian artillerist, who was a member of the Hungarian Revolutionary army of Atatürk, is in the Karşıyaka district cemetery. The bust of György Kmety can be found in the Bornovalı campus of the Ege University. The Hungarian-Turkish Friendship Association, based in Karşıyaka, was founded in 2018.