Hungarian Parcel of the Feriköy Protestant Cemetery

Sultan Abdulmejid opened a new cemetery for the Protestants in 1857, donating the territory in perpetuity to the Istanbul diplomatic corps of the Protestant countries. The owners of the territory are currently the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Hungary. The Hungarian parcel consists of around fifty tombs. At the end of the 1850s, tombs were also brought here from other sites. The tomb of Jakab Lagentali Lang Jakab (1663-1720), doctor of Francis II Rákóczi came here this way as well. A number of immigrants from the 1848-49 Hungarian Revolution are buried here, such as the Turkish interpreter of Lajos Kossut, Imre Csernátoni Cseh (1805-1882) and renown manuscript collector Dániel Szilágyi (1831-1885). The place still serves as the burial place for Hungarians of Istanbul. The Association for Hungarian-Turkish Friendship put a commemorative plate here in memory of the Hungarian Revolution in 1848-49 in 1990, adding a Zsolnay pyrogranite Kossuth coat of arms together with the Hungarian Academy for Sciences in 2001. The wall of the cemetery also features memorial plates of the participant of the 1956 Revolution, Marta Veronika Arbatlı and Turkologist Tímea Gál, who was born in Szombathely in 1968 and died at a young age in 2011.

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