Béla Bartók Memorial Museum in Osmaniye

Béla Bartók was not only a great composer, but also a researcher of the origins of Hungarian folk music. He spent two weeks in Turkey in November 1936, and with the help of his Turkish hosts, especially composer Adnan Saygun (1907-1991), he collected Turkish folk music in the city and surroundings of Southern Anatolian Osmaniye, which is a unique folkloristic treasure. The memorial exhibition curated by the Hungarian National Museum and the Bartók Archives of the Music Sciences Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Science, presenting the life, art and role in the Turkish music life of Béla Bartók, can be seen in the Osmaniye Cultural Center (Cebeli Bereket Kültür Merkezi). The Bartók memorial  opened in 2010 and is an extraordinary connection point to Hungarian culture in distant South Anatolia.