Aladár Kovách –

Founder of Turkish Emergency Services

Aladár Kovách (1866-1922) was a doctor with extensive international experiences and a key figure in the establishment of Hungarian emergency services. Experts from Budapest arrived in 1911 on the advice of Ödön Széchenyi, citizen of Istanbul, bringing equipment with themselves from Hungary, in order to organize the emergency services within the institutional frames of the Istanbul Firefighters. Young Cont Manó Andrássy (1892-1953) was responsible for education and practice. Cont Jenő Karátsonyi (1861-1933), president of the Budapest Voluntary Ambulance Association and Aladár Kováts ambulance leader, head physicist followed after the training, meeting Sultan Mehmed V and receiving and award from him. The Hungarian head physicist was an important character in the life of international emergency services of the time, which is why his name is connected to the foundation of the Turkish emergency services. The accident management center was introduced in the barrack on the Taksim Square, which was later demolished.